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Made in Switzerland

Directly from the heart of our homeland.

We proudly stand behind the quality of our fragrances and our first-class service. The fragrances are 100% produced, bottled and packaged in our own laboratory in Switzerland . We only use ethanol from agricultural raw materials of Swiss origin. And we can always trace the origin of our products.

Why Mr Nice Guy?

Mr Nice Guy is a top-class perfume house, founded in 2017 in the heart of Zurich. Mr John Brown creates exquisite niche fragrances for men and women, characterful, mysterious and graceful fragrance compositions that set new accents, far away from the usual scent paths. Mr John Brown has created his very own world of fragrances, olfactory works of art, so unique, so special. The same applies to the artistic design of the perfume bottles, craftsmanship in perfection. Elegant, hand-decorated unique pieces, small works of art.

Mr John Brown

Is a perfumer from Switzerland and has created several of his own creations such as White Musk, Sugar Daddy, Rose Oud, King Oud.
The “Perfume Organ” is Mr John Brown’s workplace. With his keen sense of smell, musical talent and sensual experience, Mr John Brown creates exquisite niche fragrances for men and women. And even though he started out as a career changer, his fragrance composition and scent progression are very similar to well-known niche fragrances. His love for scents makes his scents almost perfect.

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